About us

SiLYO is a natural products factory and a small innovation company that brings together scientists, researchers and professionals in different fields. We support healthy lifestyle and care for mental and physical health, and we believe that better results can be achieved using the gifts of Mother Nature – natural products.

Nowadays more customers are demanding healthier foods and products containing bioactive compounds that improve both physical and mental health. Fruit and vegetable consumption is a key factor in human bodily functions, and their intake is an essential element in maintaining mental and physical health. According to the latest research, fruit should be eaten 2-3 times a day and twice as many vegetables. These foods are a source of many valuable nutrients and functional elements.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have a limited shelf life, and that is why our team has found a way to extend it while preserving the valuable nutrients they contain. After exploring all product preservation methods, we have chosen freeze-drying.

Why? The reasons are quite simple.

Freeze-drying (also known as lyophilisation) is a modern method for dehydrating food at low temperatures under vacuum. Freeze-drying is a process in which a completely frozen product is exposed to vacuum conditions to remove water by sublimation, thus transforming the ice from a solid to a gas, bypassing the water phase, which is good for preserving all the valuable properties and nutrients of a product. Compared to products obtained by other drying methods such as conventional and microwave drying, freeze-dried products are distinguished by a higher content of biologically active nutrients (95-98%) compared to fresh products, preservation of colour and porosity, minimal change in shape and lower water activity.

Freeze-drying process:

  • preserves all good qualities of the product;
  • extends the shelf life of the product;
  • reduces chemical changes in the product during storage;
  • reduces the amount of moisture in the product (up to 98% of the moisture is released);
  • makes the product crunchy.

All these reasons and other aspects make freeze-drying one of the best dehydration methods.


Why choose freeze-dried products?

  • Primarily because they are very similar to fresh produce;
  • They look and taste similar to fresh produce;
  • Longer “sell-by” period;
  • More sustainable product quality;
  • They are nutritionally equivalent to fresh produce;
  • They are simply excellent products.

Try our new products and stay on the path to improving your mental and physical health.

SiLYO is for the science, health and natural products!